Risk Disclosure

Delioswap is a decentralized permissionless crypto exchange built on top of Ethereum network infrastructure. Delioswap allows trading of ETH to ERC-20 tokens and ERC-20 to ERC-20 tokens.
When you use the Delioswap service, please read the following risk reminders carefully.

1. Token

Since Delioswap is a protocol for creating liquidity and trading ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, all tokens issued on Ethereum may has possibilities to be listed in Delioswap through Delioswap's voting process.
For this, Delioswap does not conduct individual listing reviews. The same is true for the various pairs composed of tokens in the liquidity pool.
Since which token to choose and which trading pair to trade is completely up to you and is your responsibility, we recommend that you conduct a full range of detailed research on related tokens when using Delioswap.

2. Impermanent Loss

The biggest potential risk to a Liquidity Provider (LP) is Impermanent loss.
Impermanent loss is a temporary loss of assets occurring when providing liquidity to a pool due to volatility in a trading pair.
For example, in a Delioswap USDT/ETH 50/50 liquidity pool. If ETH goes up in value, the pool has to rely on arbitrageurs to ensure that the pool price reflects the real-world price to maintain the same value of both tokens in the pool. If the LP decides to withdraw their liquidity, the impermanent loss will become permanent. Impermanent loss is called impermanent because if the LP does not withdraw their liquidity and the price of ETH goes back to the original value, the impermanent loss will be cancelled back to 0.

3. Due Diligence

Please ensure you comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including but not limited to regulations of virtual assets, taxes and securities in your jurisdiction.

4. Exemption Clause

1) As a platform that helps users to exchange ERC-20 tokens more easily, Delioswap is not responsible for the safety of user's personal assets, the managementof various liquidity pools, and the security of transactions.
2) The purpose of all the information (including but not limited to prices of the tokens or the potential rate of return) provided by Delioswap is only to facilitate the user's reference when providing the liquidity into a pool or when making token swap. Users cannot interpret this information as Delioswap's marketing activities.
3) If the user fails to realize the expected benefits of providing liquidity, Delioswap shall not be liable for this.
4) There is a continuous effort to maintain the block sync between delioswap and Ethereum network; however, delioswap interface may be stopped without prior notice due to problems in the network resulting from transaction congestion, computer system errors and software attacks and other factors, such as natural events. Delioswap is not guaranteed to always work.
5) There is always a risk due to a bug in depositing assets in a Smart Contract. The same goes for those audited projects. Please keep this in mind when making a deposit. Delioswap is not responsible for the flaws that cannot be found on the smart contract code and the loss of users' assets caused by hackers using these flaws.

5. Statement

Delioswap cannot be held responsible for any of the aforementioned cases within the reasonable boundaries of the law, provided delioswap itself is not responsible for the occurrence of such a case.