Prime Brokerage Service
PBS is a dedicated service for exclusive investments and financial strategies of companies, institutions, and large investors. As the number of institutions and large-scale investors holding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as financial assets is increasing, professional deposits and operating skills are required for virtual assets. Delio service is accessible through corporate accounts as well as individuals, and PBS service, a dedicated deposit and management service for corporations, institutions, and large investors, is in operation.
Delio works 24/7 with its clients to provide an intuitive and fully customizable institutional investment solution in the crypto market. Whether you have an existing strategy that doesn't live up to your expectations, or you want to build an investment program from scratch, our fully customizable solutions provide guidance to help you achieve your specific investment goals.
We provide performance reporting and analytics to give our clients a comprehensive view of their financial planning and facilitate decision-making by providing them with the intelligence, skills, and expertise they need to address challenging regulatory, legal, and risk issues.
Dedicated cold wallet storage
- To maintain the highest level of security, it can only be accessed with a dedicated cold wallet, and virtual assets can be safely separated and stored.
Whitelist & Multisig System
- Assets can be safely assigned with the whitelist withdrawal method and multisig system for a stricter personal verification.
+$150 Million Insurance with Ledger Vault
- Ledger Vault provides a multi-additional asset wallet management solution for asset protection and compensation.