NFT Exchange
The 01etc platform provides various transaction methods, such as shopping where users trade various NFTs at a predetermined price, an auction where NFTs can be traded at an optimal price, and an offer where holders can propose a transaction for their NFTs. To prevent losses from fake NFTs, MAC marketplace maintains a whitelist of original NFTs.
More importantly, users can borrow crypto assets or fiat loans using NFTs as collateral. 01etc may also rent NFTs from partner galleries, exhibitions, individuals, and other third parties. All the NFTs can be bought or sold with DSP tokens within the platform.
  • Low fee: It is cheap with up to 1/10 of NFT transaction fees. We are expanding our market share based on our competitiveness in transaction fees.
  • Differentiated cross-chain technology: Provides a scalable NFT marketplace by applying Layer2 technology.
  • NFT specialized service: DSP reward for NFT-collateral loans, NFT rental service, NFT minting, and purchases. Under improvement:
  • Credit card (VISA, Master Card) NFT purchase service: Supports a simple payment function so that NFT purchases are possible through a credit card.
  • Providing NFT purchase service with points through collaboration with the most capable retailers: Supports for NFT purchases by using points through point collaboration with retailers
  • NFT linkage using exchange APIs such as OpenSea: Linking with OpenSea to provide services that can search and purchase NFTs registered in both OpenSea and 01etc.
  • Providing NFT direct purchase service with Delio ID: You can purchase 12 out of 23 Delioswap (DSP) Whitepaper NFTs right away without a Metamask wallet.
  • Providing NFT purchasing agency service: Provision of proxy service so that NFT purchases can be made with cash without Ethereum.