Crypto Bank

+2% daily compounding rates (APY)
Delio Bank is an MMDA (Money Market Deposit Account)-backed service that allows Delio customers to deposit and withdraw virtual assets at any time and provides daily compound interest even if there is no performance when storing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP).
To enhance user accessibility, Delio Bank implements the connection to a variety of virtual-asset financial services such as lending, depositing, all-kinds-of-transactions, and wallet management. As virtual assets are incorporated into the system and become an investment vehicle, Delio will continue to provide diversified financial virtual assets-related services to manage digital assets and expand financial possibilities.
Fast deposits and withdrawals:
  • Delio Bank allows free deposits and withdrawals the same as general virtual asset wallet services. Here, the whitelist withdrawal method and high-level security policy keep customers' assets safe, so you can use it with more confidence. Daily interest earnings:
  • With Delio Bank, we provide daily compound interest income. Whitelist withdrawal method:
  • Withdrawal is only possible to the wallet address registered in advance by the virtual asset owner, so abnormal withdrawal can be prevented